“The path which consecrated life is called to follow, at the beginning of the new millennium, is guided by the contemplation of Christ…a gaze fixed, more than ever, on the face of the Lord.”
(Starting Afresh with Christ, 2002)


What is vocation?

A vocation is a call to that special way of life ordained for one by God, part of a great divine plan. It is a mystery of God’s grace. God Who loves us, who is love, is also “He Who calls”. God always takes the initiative, as in the story of Jesus and the Samaritan woman (John 4). Jesus asks her for a drink and she in turn offers her living water. She responds by bringing many others to Jesus. That invitation is extended to everybody.

If Yes?
How do you know?
Do you feel that God is calling you to follow Him more closely?
Do you like to pray?
Do you feel drawn to life in community?
What do you do?
Pray and reflect about the calling, ask the help of a trusted guide, find out more about religious life or contact the community at Benoni, please refer to our contact us page for contact details.

Signs of a Carmelite Vocation

Here are some signs of a Carmelite vocation:

A belief in the power of prayer:
Saint Teresa of Avila understood prayer as an apostolic work for the sake of the Church and God's people. We believe that prayer can open our world to the transformation that God seeks to work in souls.
What kind of work for God’s people most attracts you?
If the work of prayer is predominant, you may have a Carmelite vocation.
Drawn to significant periods of silence and solitude:
Intimacy with God is nurtured in times of silence and solitude.
If you find yourself regularly seeking times to be alone with God, you may have a Carmelite vocation.

Desire to live in the same community for life:
If you are drawn to live in simplicity, in companionship with other sisters whom God has called to community, you may have a Carmelite vocation.

Attracted to Carmelite spirituality:

Carmelites have a rich spirituality articulated in the writings of great men and women who understood the life of prayer and the path to union with God. Teresa of Avila, John of the Cross, Edith Stein, Therese of Lisieux, and other Carmelites served God's people by being united with Christ in the depths of their soul, contemplatively present to those in need.

If you are attracted by their teachings and seek to serve God and God’s people as they did, you may have a Carmelite vocation.