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Several times during the past 19 years that we have been in Benoni the suggestion was made to us: “You sisters should make a CD of your singing”.  The Liturgy, so central to our life, has always been a joy to us and we are aware of how those who come to pray with us appreciate it.  For a long time we resisted the idea and just did not see how it could be possible.  But last year that changed when our friend Trevor Nasser, a well-known and accomplished musician, brought Lydia van Vuuren to meet us and join us for Vespers.  The simple chants accompanied by the Kora (Senegalese harp) touched her deeply and she agreed to work with us on the production of a CD.

The 500th anniversary of the birth of St Teresa of Avila gave us the opportunity of doing something in her honour and so the songs, canticles and psalms were recorded in Lydia’s studio near Pretoria between April and August 2014.  The CD was mastered by Clive Smith and we awaited with great expectation the arrival of the finished product.  There was a lot of excitement on the 18th October when the truck arrived to deliver the CDs, much to the amusement of the driver.

Since then the CD has reached many people in different walks of life in different parts of the world.  The feed-back we receive is positive as they tell us how they use the CD for prayer.  This was our desire from the start. 

From Lydia van Vuuren who produced our CD "When I first met the Carmelite sisters I was struck by their purity, joy and dedication. They live enclosed lives, mostly in silence - dedicating their time to prayer and worship. The Carmelite monastery in Benoni is a place of sacred prayer and reverence and brings a blessing to weary travelers who are in need of nourishment for their souls in the midst of the hustle and bustle of Gauteng.

Sr. Therese who has been blessed by the Holy Spirit with a ministry of music leads the worship and singing. The Sisters many years of pure devotional practice lends an angelic heavenly quality to their singing and listeners are often moved to tears. It carries a strong message of redemption and of God’s love. I feel truly blessed to have been able to produce a CD of their spiritual practice. I can attest to the honesty and purity of its contents. It is powerful and redeeming and I trust that all that listen will be blessed from the highest heavens."

CD: Let nothing Trouble You

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