Let today be the day you give up who you’ve been for who you can become.

Carmelite Spirituality

Let nothing trouble you, let nothing frighten you, all things pass away. The one who possesses God, lacks nothing. God alone suffices. (Teresa of Avila)

What is Carmelite Spirituality

To speak of spirituality is to speak of inspiration, that is, of ways of seeing, of profound conviction,of attitudes and ways of being, of the dynamism of life.

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Transformation of Consciousness

We are called to a transformation of consciousness which frees us from violence, greed and hatred, opening to love, compassion and prophetic hope.

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This month we remember with gratitude the first Carmelite Sisters who laid the foundation of Carmel in the archdiocese of Johannesburg 90 years ago. The Sisters arrived in Rivonia on 18th September, 1931. Moving from Rivonia in 1992, a new Carmel was built in Benoni in 1996.
We rejoice as we celebrate these two great events … 90 years since the establishment of the first Carmel in South Africa and 25 years in Benoni. Please join us in thanking God for all the blessings of these years.

Altar Breads.

May, 2020

Altar Breads are available for order. Please contact us by e-mail or phone if you require any, and we will have them couriered to you. Thank you.