Explorers of the Mystery of God

What keeps these women from six different countries and two continents together? The fundamental and deep desire for God. Desire for God does not have a “color”, a “culture” but it is embedded in the human person, the human heart. This is the first common ground for these eight seekers of God.

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Meet the community

01.Our life together

Our life together is punctuated with times for prayer, work, simple meals taken together, reading and study, weekly community meetings and two periods of recreation each day.

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02.Our music

Several times during the past 19 years that we have been in Benoni the suggestion was made to us: “You sisters should make a CD of your singing”.

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03. Our presence in South Africa

Carmelites felt drawn to Africa from Europe as long ago as 1584 but were only able to found communities ...  

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04.Altar Breads

Altar breads are available for order. Please contact us by e-mail or phone if you require any, and we will have them couriered to you.
Thank you.

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Guest house Facilities

Contemplative Space

We welcome people to our guest house for days of quiet reflection and retreats.  They are welcome to participate in our daily prayer in the Chapel.  Please contact the sisters for further information.