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Please Note our Telephone numbers have changed!

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The child of God

“ To be a child of God means : to be led by the Hand of God, to do the will of God, not one’s own will, to place every care and hope into the Hand of God and not to worry about oneself or the future.  On this rests the freedom and the joy of the child of God. “
From Edith Stein : The Mystery of Christmas





A novena of Masses is presently being celebrated in our Chapel for all our friends, families and benefactors.
You are in our prayer during this beautiful time.  May Jesus, the Prince of Peace be the true Peace in our hearts.  May the violence which seems to be sweeping the world and gripping so many hearts be stemmed by LOVE and MERCY, may our hearts be loving, peaceful and true that we may through the power of Jesus, transform the world. 
Yours sisters of Carmel, Benoni


Our CD continues to be appreciated and recently reached friends in England. Now available from Amazon and iTunes.

Our CD "Let nothing trouble you" is now easily available from Amazon and iTunes.Pink Azalea

Here are their comments:

“I was given the CD 'Let Nothing Trouble you' and I wanted to say how wonderful it is. I put it on in the morning instead of the news....sets me straight at the start of each day, anchors me in Jesus, my Savior. God bless you all”

“Magnificent. Beautiful.  Inspirational, Peaceful. Amazing.  Such lovely voices and instrumentation.”