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“The monastic vocation, as Pope Francis said, “is a tension between being hidden and
being visible:  tension in the fundamental sense, the tension of fidelity.
Your vocation is going onto the battlefield, it is fighting, it is knocking at the heart of the Lord”    (from: Contemplate, n. 66)

St Thérèse
Story of A Soul, Chapter VI

Dear Friends in Christ,   
As the Jubilee year of Mercy approaches its end, we thank God for the graces of this time and place in the Lord’s hands the year that lies ahead.  At the beginning of a new liturgical year, where once again we will narrate and celebrate as individuals and as Family of God, the Life, Death and Resurrection of our Saviour, the Carmelites Sisters of Benoni want to assure you of their prayer for each one and for the whole Christian Community.
As you are aware, one of the commitments of our community is to gather seven times during the day to pray the Liturgy of the Hours (Prayer of the Church). This prayer involves praying, chanting the Psalms – a prayer well known to Jesus and his Jewish community, the Apostles and now the Christian community.   In this type of prayer we find words which express feelings and emotions (joy, sadness, anger, hope, trust, loneliness, fear etc.,) lived by the person/community “talking to God” with the words of the psalms:
“O Lord, how great are your works! How deep are your designs! The senseless man cannot know this, and the fool cannot understand.” (Psalm. 92)
“Listen, O God, to my cry! Attend to my prayer! From the end of the earth I call you, my heart is faint.” (Psalm.61)
You know well that the experience of the psalmist could be our experience too. We can all go through the same type of situations and feelings in our life.  Know that you are present to us, “you are in our prayer” – when you have similar experiences.  As Christians we “journey” together towards the “fullness of Life”- Christ.
Dear Friends we invite you to let us know – at any time of the year – your need of prayers for particular individuals or community situations, events in the Christian community or the community at large.  We will take your needs before God. 

Sr Thérèse and the Sisters of Carmel Benoni

“The life of the contemplative persons inhabit the furrows of human history, and, situated in the heart of Church and the world, they stand “before God for all”
                                                            (from:  Contemplate 66 quoting St Edith Stein)


“What a joyous mystery is your presence within me, in that intimate sanctuary of my soul where I can always find you, even when I do not feel your presence.  Of what importance is feeling?  Perhaps you are all the closer when I feel you less.” St Elizabeth of the Trinity

Sr Chawezi by the picture of St Elizabeth of the Trinity on the day of the Canonization

Canonization of Elizabeth of the Trinity

After an enriching introduction to the life and teaching of Elizabeth of the Trinity given by Professor Celia Kourie on 15th October, Fr Pierre Thadee OCD celebrated the Mass on Sunday 16th.  The Catholic Womens’ League prepared the tea.

Professor Celia Kourie and Fr Thadee











On Thursday evening 27th October our community enjoyed a visit from the
fellowship group of the Greek Orthodox Church in Benoni who were accompanied by Fr Markos.  Together we learned about each other’s liturgies and faith life.  They enjoyed the singing of psalms with the Kora and they in turn chanted for us.

Congratulations to  Sr Angela of Carmel, Thapelong, Mahikeng who made her solemn profession on 15th October.  Srs Benedicta and  Marie went to share her joy.

Please see the news page for more details of life at Carmel Benoni.





You can never have too much confidence in God,

who is so powerful and so merciful.  

St Therese of Lisieux



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